Severin Hanevik is Norwegian Champion 2019

On the 12th to 13th of October the Norwegian Championship 2019 was held in Oslo. 33 players attended from 3 countries, 9 more players than last year! There was a good spread of players from 20 kyu and all the way to 3 dan, and enough players around all ranks that everyone got some good, even opponents to play against.

Norwegian Championship 2019

The tournament was won by Johan Berntsson, 2D, from Gothenburg and second place was grabbed by Leif Almrot, 2D, from Gothenburg.

After the two Swedes the top players shared 3rd to 7th place with the same score of 3 wins and 2 losses. And 3rd and 4th place was shared between the two Hanevik brothers, who even had the same SOS score!

Severin Hanevik did in the end receive 3rd place in the tournament, decided by SOSOS, and thus he was the best placed Norwegian player and keeps his title as Norwegian Champion.

Full result list can be seen at the European Go Database.

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