Trondheim Cabin Tournament 2018

Welcome to the Trondheim Cabin tournament which is held from 31st of August until the 2nd of September 2018.

The Venue

This is a special kind of tournament that will take place at a beautiful cabin in Norwegian nature. The cabin is simple with no electricity or water, and a gas stove for cooking. It can house up to 25 people, but expect a tight fit if it’s full. It is right next to a lake perfect for swimming, rowing the boat, cooling down from the sauna or even fishing. When it comes to hiking to the cabin it is very easy, as it is only a two-minute walk from the dirt road where we can park. Don’t worry though, there are no cars driving by and disturbing the peace!

The cabin

Here you can see a picture of the cabin to the left, the sauna in the middle and the wood-shed to the right. Far to the left you can also catch a glimpse of the lake!

More info about the cabin can be found by clicking here.

The tournament will have a natural capacity of 25 participants, where the first to sign up are prioritized.

Tournament Information:

Tournament system: 5 rounds MacMahon
Time settings: 40 minutes main time, 3x30s byo-yomi (B-class)
Rule system: EGF rules, territory scoring w/ 6.5 komi

Tournament fee: 600 NOK (~63 euros)

The tournament fee includes almost everything you can think of except for the travel to Trondheim! That means the tournament, food, accomodation and shuttle from-to airport/train. You will have to bring your own bathing-shorts or -suit though.

Schedule (tentative):
Friday August 31. Saturday September 1. Sunday September 2.
From 14:00 Shuttling
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Sauna, swimming, exploring, go-playing…
08:00 Morning swim?
08:30 Traditional Norwegian Breakfast (bread, sandwiches)
9:30 Game 1
12:00 Game 2
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Game 3
17:00 Row-boating and hiking the area (relaxing also allowed)
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Fire up the sauna, enjoy cabin life
08:30 Traditional Norwegian Breakfast
09:30 Game 4
12:00 Game 5
14:00 Lunch and closing ceremony
15:00-19:00 Shuttling, cleaning, enjoying the last day


Packing list:

It is recommended to travel with a backpack or similar, as it is easier to carry from the road to the cabin. Also the weather in Norway can be unstable, so bring both warm, cold and waterproof clothes. You can also check the weather before you go here.

  • Sleeping bag (we might provide if you don’t have one)
  • Bathing-shorts or -suit
  • Hiking boots
  • Slippers or shoes to wear inside
  • Rainjacket
  • Powerbank
  • Water bottle
  • Towel


Getting to Trondheim:

We start picking up people from 2 PM on Friday, so if you arrive before this or after 7 PM please tell us (e-mail at the bottom).

For those who are younger than 26 years:

Both Norwegian and SAS offer youth tickets, both domestically and (sometimes) internationally, with reduced prices. The price difference is often considerable so it is worth checking it out! On SAS you will have to choose youth-ticket instead of adult while searching, while at Norwegian you just write the code UNDER26 at the bottom of the screen after searching for the flight.


From Norway
  • From Oslo
    • By train: NSB have tickets from 250 NOK one-way if you’re early, both night-trains and day-trains. Travel time ~6-7 hours
    • By plane: Both Norwegian and SAS have lots of flights for prices down to 399 NOK one way. Flight time ~1 hour
    • By car: Driving to Trondheim takes about 6-7 hours.
  • From Bergen
    • By plane: Same as Oslo, a bit more expensive.
  • Others
    • Most norwegian airports have flights to Trondheim..
    • The train goes up to Bodø in the north.


From Sweden
  • From Gothenburg:
    • By train: Train is a very cheap way to get to Trondheim if you’re early, with prices as low as 250 NOK one-way. The route is Gothenburg-Oslo, Oslo-Trondheim. Travel time ~12-14 hours.
    • By plane: SAS has flights from 1000 NOK one way, transfer in Oslo. Travel time 3-5 hours.
  • From Stockholm:
    • By plane: SAS has flights from from 800-1000 NOK one way, direct flight. Flight time ~1 hour 10 min.


From abroad

There are direct flights from some European cities, including London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Malaga, Krakow and a few more (these are the most common..). Check SAS and Norwegian. Prices usually being around 1000 NOK (100 EUR) one way, or sometimes a bit cheaper for youth tickets.

Other cities will probably have to transfer in Oslo.

Getting from the airport (Værnes):



Registration form:

or contact: / +47 94133408


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