Oslo Open 2024

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Vi i Oslo Goklubb kan endelig ønske alle Gospillere hjertelig velkommen til Oslo Open 2024.
Turneringen vil bli avholdt 20 og 21 April og spillested vil som vanlig være på IFI sin kafeteria ved UiO.

Dette er en åpen turnering hvor alle nivåer er velkomne.

Adresse: Gaustadalléen 23B

Dato 20- 21 April

Enkleste måten å komme seg til turneringen ved kollektivtransport er å ta T-banen til forskningsparken stoppet og gå derfra i ca 2 min.

Turnerings informasjon

Oppsett: 5 rounds MacMahon
Regler: EGF rules with 6½ komi
Spilletid: Fischer, 45 minutes + 15s/move


normal: 200 NOK
students and retirees: 100 NOK
spillere under 15 år eller første turnering: Gratis


LØRDAG 20. AprilSØNDAG 21. April
10:00 Registrering
10:30 Registrering avsluttes
10:45 Runde 1
14:00 Runde 2
17:00 SpisePause
18:00 Runde 3
10:00 Runde 4
13:00 Runde 5
16:00 Avslutnings seremony

Registrer deg på Registrerings siden

Har du noen spørsmål er det bare sende oss en mail til oslo.goklubb@gmail.com

Hjertelig Hilsen Oslo Goklubb


We in Oslo GoClub are happy to finally invite everyone to Oslo open 2024, the 20 – 21 of April.

This is an open tournament where players of all levels are welcome to play.

As usual it will be held in the cafeteria at IFI (Ole Johan Dahls Hus) at Uio.

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B

Date: 20 – 21 April

Tournament information

Tournament system: 5 rounds MacMahon
Rule system: EGF rules with 6½ komi
Playing time: Fischer, 45 minutes + 15s/move


normal: 200 NOK
Students and retirees: 100 NOK
Players below 15 years of age or first tournament: Free

Schedule (tentative)

SATURDAY April 20SUNDAY April 21
10:00 Registration
10:30 Registration ends
10:45 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Round 3
10:00 Round 4
13:00 Round 5
16:00 Closing ceremony

Easiest way to get there is to take the Metro to “Forskningsplassen” station.

Register on the registration page

If you have any questions you can contact us at oslo.goklubb@gmail.com

Best regards Oslo GoClub

Registered players

New year, new semester

Hi, Hope everyone had a Nice holiday.

We are starting the new year fresh off the bat with club playing every Wednesday at our usual place in the IFI Cafeteria 17:00, starting this coming Wednesday (3. January).

If you have trouble finding us you can always try and contact me or send a message at +47 91602739 (Jon)

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

Date: Every Wednesday

Nm 2023 Results

Here is the results from this years NM in Go.

Congratulations to Kaan Malcok for winning the Tournamnet followed by a really strong results of 4 wins by Torsten Bringmann and in 3. place our new Norwegian master Pål Sannes!

Thanks to everyone who participated it was really fun and also a big thanks to everyone who helped with organizing and setting up the tournament.

Hope to see you all again next year:).

Norwegian Championship 2023

Tournament information

Tournament system: 5 rounds MacMahon
Rule system: EGF rules with 6½ komi
Playing time: Fischer, 45 minutes + 15s/move

Tournament Fee
normal: 200kr
student/retirees: 100
First tournament/under 15: Free

Schedule (tentative)

Saturday October 28thSunday October 29th
10:00 Registration
10:30 Registration ends
10:45 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Round 3
10:00 Round 4
13:00 Round 5
16:00 Closing ceremony


The tournament will take place at Ole-Johan Dahls hus located at Gaustadalleen 23.

Easiest way to get there from downtown Oslo is by subway line 4 or 5 to Forskningsparken subway stop, or by tram 17 or 18 to Forskningsparken tram stop. From there it’s only a minute or two to walk to the playing area.


We will try to offer private accommodation to everyone who wants this. If you desire accommodation make sure to note it on the registration page, and we’ll see what we can do.

Registration (non-binding)

You can register here: Registration page

Registered players

We are back at IFI playing

The new semester is upon us and Oslo Goclub is having it’s first club day back in our regular spot at IFI this wednesday form 17:00 to 21:00.

Adress: Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo

Place: The IFI Cantine.

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

As always all levels of players are welcome and we always welcome beginners that don’t know the game as well.

Best wishes from Oslo GoClub.

Summer playing have started for Oslo GoClub

The summer has come to Oslo and we have stopped playing at our regular place at Ifi for the summer, and instead we will be playing in Oslo’s Botanical garden from 18:00 on wednesdays .

Here’s an overview of the entrance to use to the garden from google maps.

Google Maps

Also we will have a roof to sit under so rain will not be a problem.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you need any help finding us you can also try contacting me at 91602739(Jon).

Oslo GoClub

Summer Grill and Go in Frognerparken

Hi, we want to celebrate the summer for new and veteran Go players in Oslo with some grill and Go in Frogner Parken.

Date and time: Saturday 17. of June from 15:30

Address: Monolitten, Rolf E. Stenersens allé 85, 0268 Oslo

Everyone brings their own food they want to grill, and do you have a portable grill please take it with you:).

Also those of you who are able to take a go set it would be great if you did so.

We meet at the Monolith at 15:30 and go together to find a nice spot to sit.
The monolith is the tall statue of people on top of each other.

If you don’t find the monolith or you are coming later and need help finding us you can contact me at 91602739:).

Hope to see you there:)!

Oslo Open Lightning ChampionShip

Hi so a little update for the upcoming one day tournament this Saturday (20th. of May).


  • registration is 09:30
  • First round begins at 10:00.
  • second round 11:00
  • Third round 12:00.
  • lunsj 13:00
  • Fourth round 14:00
  • Fifth round 15:00.

Time settings will be 10 Min main time each, and 5 seconds increment(Fischer Time) for every move played.

It will be a full Handicap tournament so everyone will have the chance to Fight for the top spots:).

Will be playing at our at our usual place:

The informatics building at Blindern.

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo.

No preregistration is needed to enter this tournament.

Looking forward to some fun lightning go with you all.