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Oslo Open 2022

English version below.

Vi i Oslo Goklubb kan endelig ønske alle Gospillere hjertelig velkommen til Oslo Open 2022.
Turneringen vil bli avholdt 21 og 22 mai og spillested vil som vanlig være på IFI sin kafeteria ved UiO.

Dette er en åpen turnering hvor alle nivåer er velkomne.

Adresse: Gaustadalléen 23B

Dato 21 – 22 Mai

Enkleste måten å komme seg til turneringen ved kollektivtransport er å ta T-banen til forskningsparken stoppet og gå derfra i ca 2 min.

Turnerings informasjon

Oppsett: 5 rounds MacMahon
Regler: EGF rules with 6½ komi
Spilletid: Fischer, 45 minutes + 15s/move


normal: 200 NOK
students and retirees: 100 NOK
spillere under 15 år eller første turnering: Gratis


10:00 Registrering
10:30 Registrering avsluttes
10:45 Runde 1
14:00 Runde 2
17:00 SpisePause
18:00 Runde 3
10:00 Runde 4
13:00 Runde 5
16:00 Avslutnings seremony

Registrer deg på registrerings siden:

Registrer deg på Registrerings siden

Har du noen spørsmål er det bare sende oss en mail til

Hjertelig Hilsen Oslo Goklubb


We in Oslo GoClub are happy to finally invite everyone to Oslo open 2022, the 21 – 22 of may.

This is an open tournament where players of all levels are welcome to play.

As usual it will be held in the cafeteria at IFI (Ole Johan Dahls Hus) at Uio.

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B

Date: 21 – 22 may

Tournament information

Tournament system: 5 rounds MacMahon
Rule system: EGF rules with 6½ komi
Playing time: Fischer, 45 minutes + 15s/move


normal: 200 NOK
Students and retirees: 100 NOK
Players below 15 years of age or first tournament: Free

Schedule (tentative)

10:00 Registration
10:30 Registration ends
10:45 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Round 3
10:00 Round 4
13:00 Round 5
16:00 Closing ceremony

Easiest way to get there is to take the Metro to “Forskningsplassen” station.

Register on the registration page

If you have any questions you can contact us at

Best regards Oslo GoClub

Registered players

Regular playing at IFI starts up again in Oslo!


Oslo Goclub is happy to invite everyone back to Ifi for some more Go!

Because of the change in the national regulations recently, Oslo Goclub will start with regular playing every wednesday at Ifi again!

As usual we will be playing at the Ifi cafeteria from 17:00 – 21:00 

Adresse: Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo

Time: 17:00 -21:00, wednesday’s

Hope everyone is doing alright and looking forward to meeting everyone again and finally get to play some go face to face, on a real Go board,


Oslo goklubb kan endelig invitere alle tilbake igjen til regelmessig spillinger ved Ifi på onsdagene fremover.
Håper alt fremdeles står bra til. Ser frem til å møte alle igjen og ikke minst endelig få spilt litt go ansikt til ansikt.

Adresse: Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo

Tid: 17:00 -21:00, Onsdager.

Beginner course

Hey everyone, a new semester is around the corner and Oslo GoClub will hold two beginner course for the game of Go.

The dates are 1. september and 8. september (both on a Wednesday).

Time: 18:00

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B

We will as always be playing in the cafeteria at the Informatics building(Ole Johan Dahls Hus). The club will meet as from 17:00 to prepare for the beginner course and then the beginner course starts at 18:00.

If there is any problem finding us you can call me on this number: +47 91602739

the beginner course will start of with experienced players showing the beginners the rules and then we will all play some atari Go which is a simplified version of Go to let you quickly get a feel for the basics of the game.

The rules of Go is extremely simple, you can probably learn them in a minute or two but the depth and strategy hidden in this game is never ending to the extent you can learn something new even after a lifetime of playing.

You can also check out our facebook arrangement for the beginner course here:

Hope you all have a great start on the new semester and looking forward to play with you all.

Best regards Jon Runar Melting

– Leader Oslo GoClub

Summer go meetup in Oslo

Hello everyone. There has been some time since the last update here. I hope everyone is doing fine and having a nice summer.

For everyone in Oslo this weekend we have som good news.

This coming sunday (11.07.21) we will have a summer Go party, where we meet and play Go outside in Jon Runar and Pernilles garden:).

It starts at 13:00 and the address is: Fallanveien 30a.

Nearest buss/tram station is “grefsen stadion”.

If you have stones and board it would be great if you took it with you but if you can’t no worries, we have some extra boards and stones:).

When it comes to dinner we will probably order some pizza together.

If you have any more questions about the event, need help with directions or have any other questions you can contact me at this number: 91602739 either by call or sms.

Looking forward to see you there and to play some Go.